21st Hutchison Ports Total Quality Congress

31 August, 2018

On August 23, we celebrated our 21st edition of the Hutchison Ports Total Quality Congress, called “OpportUNITY, Thinking Outside the Box”, which took place at the spectacular Boca Forum in Veracruz.

The event began with the presentation of the 7 Premier Projects, representing each of the Business Units of Hutchison Ports Mexico.

  1. Team Epic Cargo, with the project “Productivity increase in wheat loading”, representing Hutchison Ports EIT.
  2. APS Team, with the “Portal – Accounts Payable and Supplier” project, representing Hutchison Ports TNG
  3. Security Sentinels Team, with the project “Increase in security measures in the area of ​​empty containers to reduce labor risk”, representing Hutchison Ports TILH
  4. Team CCI 4.0, with the project “Online management for compliance with digital electronic accounting”, representing Container Care. 
  5. Octopus Yard Team, with the “Mission prestacking” project, representing Hutchison Ports TIMSA
  6. TML Santa Fe Team with the project “Massive pre-allocation of containers”, representing Hutchison Ports ICAVE
  7. Team Hutchison Ports D.C. with the “Dual Ciclyng” project, representing Hutchison Ports LCT.

Gala of the 21st Total Quality Congress Hutchison Ports Mexico

Later in the afternoon the Gala of the event was held, where the Boca del Rio Philharmonic delighted us with an incredible program that included movie suites such as Star Wars and El Rey León, as well as Veracruz de Agustín Lara and Huapango de Moncayo.

Continuing with a brief summary of the 2017-2018 Continuous Improvement Cycle, by Mr. Germán V. González Pérez, Senior Manager of Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection, it was highlighted that 65 improvement projects and 800 improvements were implemented during that cycle. rapid, as a result of the participation of more than 1,255 employees, whose ideas and contributions constitute the spirit of the Total Quality Congress.

We received on the stage the journalist Sergio Sarmiento with his presentation “A new Mexico: Challenges and risks”, who told us about the new political, economic and social stage that our country is facing, concluding that “Only who builds the future has right to judge the past”.

Finally, the most awaited moment of the night arrived, the awards ceremony and the Recognition of the Executive Management to Total Quality 2018. We present you the winning teams !:

  1. Digital Transformation Award: Awarded to EIT, for its “Seal Match” project
  2. Innovation Award: LCT received the award for its project “Land Logistics Service”
  3. Environmental Management Award: TNG were the winners for their project “Use of sludge from the treatment plant as a compost”.
  4. Administrative Reliability Award: TNG won the award for its Portal – Account Payable and Suppliers project.
  5. Occupational Health and Safety Award: We congratulate the terminals, TICVE and TILH, winners in a draw, for their “Up Team” and “Increase of Safety in the Empty Container Area” projects.
  6. Operational Excellence Award: LCT won the Award for its “Dual Cycling” project.Total Customer Focus Award: ICAVE, winners of the
  7. Total Customer Focus Award for its “Refeers Opportunity” project.


Prior to the closing of the event, Mr. Jorge Magno Lecona Ruiz, Executive Director of Hutchison Ports Latin America and the Caribbean, highlighted the fact that the great value of Hutchison Port Mexico lies in being a family that works together, in a team and with commitment. , that is why, recognizing this work as a team, this year we congratulate EIT, the business unit that received the Recognition for Continuous Improvement 2018.