Hutchison Ports investes 31.2 million pesos in its Port Terminals in Ensenada

17 February, 2021

Hutchison Ports, the world’s largest terminal operator, will begin dredging work in the coming days. The project includes two of its terminals that operates on the Mexican Pacific coast; the container terminal, Ensenada International Terminal (EIT) and the cruise terminal, Ensenada Cruiseport Village (ECV).

These works will have an approximate duration of 14 days and a total investment of $ 31.2 million Mexican pesos.


In EIT, the dredging will be carried out at Quay 2, it will have an approximate volume of 50,000 cubic meters, with a depth of –15.65 MLLW (Mean Lower Low Water).While in ECV there will be 2 zones with an approximate total volume of 51,000 cubic meters. The works will be done at Quay 1 and Quay 2, with a depth of –10.00m MLLW and –11.00 MLLW respectively.

The dredger that will do the work is a Shoreway self-propelled hopper. It has a loading capacity of 8,350 tons, a length of 97.50 meters, a beam of 21.60 meters, a maximum dredging depth of 33 meters and an estimated productivity of 15,000 cubic meters per day.

These works will allow to receive vessels with a greater draft, which leads to an increase in market opportunities, having a positive impact in the industrial and tourist sector of the region.


For EIT, this means that now it will be able to receive vessels of more than 350 meters in length, which places the terminal on the map of more shipping companies, projects and services, allowing them to participate competitively in the foreign trade exchange market of import and export and loads continue to circulate through Ensenada.

On the other hand, thanks to these works, ECV will be able to receive the new generation of cruise ships seeking routes on the west coast. These new cruises have an increasing capacity, so it will have a direct and positive impact on the local economy that is dedicated to tourism and which, in turn, is a very important support to the economy of Ensenada and Baja California.