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Our People

Hutchison Ports ECV has highly committed and creative staff to meet the challenges that the organization demands, highly qualified to perform all sorts of maneuvers, as well as professionals in different disciplines who give their best daily.

Being a small company in the compensation scheme, Hutchison Ports ECV is one of the best paying companies in Ensenada, generating yearly more than 20 direct and 100 indirect jobs, investing more than $ 30,000.00 US in staff training.

In Hutchison Ports ECV we record an average of 3681 hours of training in internal and external courses, with the goal to improve the skills and knowledge of our operational and administrative staff in various positions within the organization. In 2014 we gave 3533 hours of practice in the different mobile devices to our unionized staff.

We also have a school program to complete the elementary and high school with the official recognition of the SEP for everybody.

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