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Hutchison Ports ECV, located on the Pacific Coast of Baja California, started operations in April 2000 acquired by Hutchison Ports, operator of the world’s largest terminals: Which confirms the commitment to always provide the best service.

Nowadays Hutchison Ports ECV has weekly services of the lines Royal Caribbean and Carnival, which cover 3-4 day routes starting from Los Angeles / Long Beach with arrivals in Catalina Island, San Diego and Ensenada; there also is another regular arrival run by Carnival in the ports of San Diego, Cabo San Lucas, La Paz and Ensenada.

Additionally, from 2002 Hutchison Ports ECV started with Homeport activities and completes route services to Hawaii and Alaska.
Ensenada is a unique destination that offers a wonderful combination of history, culture, ecology and trade. Due to its close proximity to routes of Southern California, USA, and the Pacific Ocean, it offers an inviting armory of virgin beaches, luxurious and cultural shopping.

Hutchison Ports ECV searches that its customers get the benefits from the service experience that for years has made this group recognized worldwide, and thanks to its growing number of passengers, puts Hutchison Ports ECV in first place within the cruise terminals in the Pacific, besides having a private marina for yachts with all the services that this implies.

Terminales Hutchison Ports en México