The Port Community is born in Veracruz

21 March, 2018

The Port Community in Veracruz is born on   March, 20th 2018 . The beginning of a new entity called “Veracruz Port Community” was held on March 1, having existed  implicitly, it is until now that it has been institutionalized within the framework of this new era for the port of Veracruz, where substantial resources are being invested on  infrastructure to update the conditions of the Port of Veracruz through the expansion project.

Veracruz Port Community seeks the unity of all port actors whose main purpose is to strengthen the interest in the adequate and efficient movement of goods entering and leaving the port, for the benefit of the clients; showing that an efficiently coordinated port, guarantees  competitive advantages.

Through this alliance, it is intended to spread the competitive advantages and value opportunities for customers, strengthen the City-Port link, being a socially responsible port and highlights the benefits that offers in economic, environmental and development matters.

HUTCHISON PORTS ICAVE , along with APIVER and all the actors that integrate the port activities, like authorities, customs brokers, shipping lines, assignees, terminators, railway companies, auto-transporters and service providers, among others, gathered at the APIVER Business Development Center, concentrating on authorities and private companies that participate in foreign trade activities.

Juan Ignacio Fernández Carbajal, Director General of the Veracruz API, said that this initiative will develop coordination mechanisms that will make port operations more efficient.

“This is how HUTCHISON PORTS ICAVE responds to the trust of the client and through the Port Community Partnership in Veracruz, we assure the success of its operations “mentioned Susana Díaz Virgen, General Manager of ICAVE and President of the  Association of Port Terminals and Enterprises (ATEPV).